If you think our designs are cool, wait until you see where your money goes


It's so important to do something

every day that will make you happy.

-Bob Ross

If you're currently serving:

Let us design something custom for your unit.

Tell us you're looking for, send us your unit's unofficial logo or motto and we'll take it from there. We can also make flags, challenge coins, morale patches, or anything else you could possibly want/need customized. Yes, that means hoodies too. You guys and your f-ing hoodies.

Veteran Owned and Operated - ALL of us

There's about 45 years of good and solid, my lower back will never be the same, served between the three of us - and too many deployments to count. Add another 25 or so years, if you're including our beautiful spouses. Thank you to all of our brothers and sisters who have and are now serving, and especially to those who are still down-range. First drink is on us. See you soon. Special shout-out to you two in Coronado, who will be there soon. Be safe. Love you guys.

(photo: U.S. Marine recruits being sworn in during WWI, circa 1918)