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Stede “The Gentleman Pirate” Bonnet Jolly Roger Graphic Tee

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Size: XS

Color: Army Green


1688 in Barbados


1718 in Charles Town, South Carolina

Rolled With:       

Benjamin Hornigold; Blackbeard

Pirate Home:     

Barbados and Nassau, New Providence, although he plundered mostly along the Eastern seaboard of the United States, going as far north as Boston. 


During the Battle of the Cape Fear River (in South Carolina), Bonnet was captured, however escaped a short-time later.  Accompanied by a slave and a Native American, both of whom wished to become pirates, Bonnet was then recaptured on Sullivan Island.  He was hanged in Charles Town, South Carolina. 


Bonnet was a wealthy landowner prior to becoming a pirate and actually purchased his first ship, but he knew nothing about piracy or sailing upon doing so.  Unlike most others at the time, he also paid his crew a salary, although his crew had little to no respect for him.  He is also one of the few pirates to have been recorded forcing his prisoners to walk the plank.  During his trial, he stated that his crew was conducting piracy against his will.  The court didn’t buy it.

Wicked soft tri-blend tee that won't show your nipple ring(s).  Like all of our tees and hoodies, our designs are printed into the fabric - not pressed onto the fabric.  That means you won't have to spend your summer walking around with a plastic poster glued to your chest.      

  • 50% polyester/25% combed ringspun cotton/25% rayon jersey
  • Shirt will not prevent shrinkage while skinny-dipping.  But like all of our tees and hoodies, you can use it to cover up.  
  • Sizes are standard men's/unisex sizes.