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Riptides and Ridgelines

La Mar Crew

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Size: XS

Color: Navy

It just feels good to wear.  It's a bit on the baggier side around your hips, which makes it perfect for smuggling liquor bottles into your in-law's house.   Wicked soft.  Wear it with a turtleneck, for more of a fashionably conscious look.  Made of 50% poly, 50% cotton.  The cool thing is that the poly is partially made from recycled plastic bottles.  Be sure to tell EVERYONE that it's made from recycled bottles.  Even if you don't know the person.  Especially if you don't know the person.  It'll establish dominance.    

And like all of our tees and hoodies, our designs are printed into the fabric - not pressed onto the fabric.  That means you won't have to spend your day walking around with a plastic poster glued to your chest.

All of our clothing is also made to order, to alleviate waste.        

By purchasing this crewneck, you will be purchasing 1/5 of an additional crewneck, which will then be donated to local shelters in need.  

1% of this purchase will also be donated to a variety of United States Military Special Operations foundations.