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Riptides and Ridgelines

Emmanual Wynn Jolly Roger Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt

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Size: XS

Color: Army Green


17th Century in France



Rolled With:       

Native Americans along the Southern Coast

Pirate Home:     

Began in the Carolinas and moved to the West Indies




There is not a lot known about Captain Wynn.  As stated in a British Admiralty report dated 18 July 1700, the HMS Poole, commanded by Captain John Cranby, engaged Wynn's ship off the Cape Verde islands. Cranby chased Wynn into a cove at Brava Island but, assisted by Portuguese soldiers, Wynn escaped Poole. Most historians agree that Cranby's account is the first mention of a Jolly Roger, which Cranby described as "a sable ensign with cross bones, a death's head, and an hour glass." Wynne is believed to be the first (or some sources contend one of the first) pirate to fly the now familiar form of the jolly roger. His flag, showing the distinctive skull and crossbones motif, was augmented with another common pirate symbol: an hourglass (meant to signify to his prey that only by timely surrender could they evade death).

Wicked soft, wicked warm, wicked chill, wicked beach vibes crewneck sweatshirt that someone will definitely steal from you.  Like all of our crews and hoodies, our designs are printed into the fabric - not pressed onto the fabric.  That means you won't have to walk around feeling like you've got a plastic poster glued to your chest.      

  • 55% cotton/45% polyester
  • Sizes are standard men's/unisex sizes.